We love cheese. Stilton to Pecorino, Wensleydale to Mozzarella. You name it, we’ve got it. Whether you’re shopping for something specific for a recipe, or putting together a cheeseboard, pop into the shop and have a look at the selection.

There are many varieties of cheese available (over 700 named types from the UK alone!) but we like to think that our selection showcases the best that countries have to offer. If you’re after a workhorse cheese to melt onto your toast, put between two slices of bread (maybe with a smear of one of our lovely chutneys?) or – a personal favourite – melt into your Tomato Soup – we’ve got you covered. Equally, if you’re looking for something a little unusual, but delicious, to have with crackers at the end of carefully prepared meal, we can help you with that too.